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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is aimed for releasing pain and tension in tight, stressed and aching muscles.

From £40.00 NOW from £20.00 only

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Swedish Massage

With pressure tailored to your request, Swedish massage is aimed to reduce tension and mental fatigue.From £40.00 NOW from £ 20.00 only

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Runners Massage

Specialized Deep Tissue Massage developed for runners focusing on the leg, involving tension release and assisted stretching.

From £40.00 NOW from £20.00 only

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Aromatherapy Experience

Using aromatherapy oils, gentle pressure is applied to stimulate the nervous system.

From £55.00 Now from £27.50 only

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Specialized Massage

Experience the healing powers of nature, with this localised Moor Mud treatment.

From £75.00

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Sleep Tight Massage

This full body massage uses carefully applied pressure to induce a serious state of relaxation leaving you prepared for a sound night’s sleep.

From £70.00 Now from £35.00 only

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Shiatsu Chair Massage

Shiatsu chair massage is a rejuvenating massage for the upper body that’s an ideal massage for the workplace From £75.00

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Joya Sports Massage

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